Siping Chen, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Professor and former Vice President

Siping Chen, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, Shenzhen Institute of Neuroscience Professor and former Vice President, Shenzhen University Professor Chen received a national outstanding expert award and has been receiving special government allowances from the State Council. He earned his Ph.D with distinction. Professor Chen conducts research on biomedical engineering, and has been working on the development and industrialization of medical ultrasound projects. He has completed more than 10 national research grant projects, and won several research awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Second Class Award, Ministries awards and Province awards. Professor Chen has been leading a number of National Research and Development Programs during the “9th Five-Year Plan” and “10th Five-Year Plan” and received outstanding achievement award in each of the following projects: “Key technology of digital color ultrasound imaging”; “Research on digital ultrasound color doppler flow imaging system”; and “Research on digital ultrasound color doppler flow imaging transducers”. Professor Chen has also published more than 30 research articles and 3 books. At the same time, he is a recipient of 4 state patents of inventions.