Yang Yang, Ph.D.

Professor, Shenzhen Institute of Neuroscience
Email: yangyang@sions.cn

Dr. Yang received his Ph.D degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2016. His research interest is to use neuroimaging methods to investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying Chinese language disorders (developmental stuttering and developmental dyslexia).

Selected Publications:

  1. Yang, Y., Jia, F., Siok, W. T., & Tan, L. H. (2016). Altered functional connectivity in persistent developmental stuttering. Scientific reports, 6.
  2. Yang Y-H., Yang Y*., Chen B.G., Zhang Y.W. & Bi H-Y. (2016). Anomalous cerebellar anatomy in Chinese children with dyslexia. Frontiers in Psychology, 7. (*Co-first author).
  3. Zhao, J., Yang, Y*., Song, Y. W., & Bi, H. Y. (2015). Verbal short-term memory deficits in Chinese children with dyslexia may not be a problem with the activation of phonological representations. Dyslexia, 21(4), 304-322. (*Co-first author).
  4. Yang, Y., Bi, H. Y., Long, Z. Y., & Tao, S. (2013). Evidence for cerebellar dysfunction in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia: an fMRI study. International Journal of Neuroscience, 123(5), 300-310.
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Inventor(s) Status Patent number Patent Title Date
1. Lihai Tan; Zhen Jin; Yang Yang Invention Patent Application Filed CN 201810156680.4 A method and device for locating functional areas of Chinese language brain 24-2-2018