Yulong Zhou


Email: zhouyl@sions.cn

Yulong Zhou received his master degree in Biomedical Engineering from Shenzhen University in 2018. He mainly uses neuroimaging methods to investigate neural mechanisms underlying Chinese language processing.

Selected Publications:

  1. Zhu, Y., Xu, M., Lu, J., Hu, J., Kwok, V. P., Zhou, Y., ... & Tan, L. H. (2022). Distinct spatiotemporal patterns of syntactic and semantic processing in human inferior frontal gyrus. Nature Human Behaviour, 1-8.
  2. Yuan, D., Luo, D., Kwok, V. P., Zhou, Y., Tian, H., Yu, Q., ... & Tan, L. H. (2021). Myeloarchitectonic Asymmetries of Language Regions in the Human Brain. Cerebral Cortex.
  3. Yuan, D., Tian, H., Zhou, Y., Wu, J., Sun, T., Xiao, Z., ... & Tan, L. H. (2021). Acupoint-brain (acubrain) mapping: Common and distinct cortical language regions activated by focused ultrasound stimulation on two language-relevant acupoints. Brain and Language, 215, 104920.


Inventor(s) Status Patent number Patent Title Date
1. Yulong Zhou; Lihai Tan Invention Patent Application Filed CN 202110636784.7 An intracranial electrode array 8-6-2021
2. Lihai Tan; Yulong Zhou; Ying Zhang Invention Patent Application Filed CN 202110317660.2 Feedback language intervention method, system, electronic device and storage medium 9-11-2020