Pengfei Xu, Ph.D.


Dr. Xu dedicates to overcoming the brain cognitive mechanism of emotions and emotional disorders. Cognitive experiments, computational models, and multimodal brain imaging techniques are mainly used to explore the cognitive basis of emotion and motivational behavior in the brain, as well as the abnormality and regulation mechanism of related emotional disorders.

Selected Publications:

  1. Wang Z. Goerlich KS, Luo Y, Aleman A, Xu P (2021) Predicting anxiety in novel individuals from whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity. Cerebral Cortex.
  2. Duan L, Van Dam NT, Ai H, Xu P (2020) Intrinsic organization of cortical networks predicts state anxiety: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) study. Translational Psychiatry
  3. Xu P, van Tol MJ, Van Dam NT, Shen X, Cui Z, Gu R, Qin S, Aleman A, Fan J, Luo Y. (2020) Amygdala-prefrontal connectivity modulates loss aversion bias in anxious individuals. Neuroimage 218, 116957.
  4. Xu J, Van Dam NT, Feng C, Luo Y, Ai H, Gu R, Xu P (2019) Anxious brain networks: a coordinate-based activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of resting-state functional connectivity studies in anxiety. Neurosci Biobehav Rev 96: 21-30.
  5. Xu P, Gu R, Broster LS, Wu R, Van Dam NT, Jiang Y, Fan J, Luo YJ (2013) Neural basis of emotional decision making in trait anxiety. J Neurosci 33(47):18641-53.


Inventor(s) Status Patent number Patent Title Date
1. Pengfei Xu; Yuxuan Zhang Invention Patent Application Filed CN 202111341309.3 A kind of neural navigation coordinate calculation method, device and equipment 12-11-2021