Yaqiong Xiao, Ph.D.


Dr. Yaqiong Xiao received her Ph.D in Psychology from Leipzig University/Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in 2017. Dr. Xiao worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland, College Park and University of California, San Diego Autism Center of Excellence. Dr. Xiao started her journey in the field of neuroimaging research since 2010 and applied this technique to studying language and social processing in children. Her research focuses and interests include: (1) investigating the neural basis of language and social processing in children with typical development and autism spectrum disorder; (2) exploring the early biomarkers of social communication deficits in young children with autism spectrum disorder; (3) developing diagnostic tools for social communication deficits and language delay, and providing scientific solutions for early interventions.

Selected Publications:

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Inventor(s) Status Patent number Patent Title Date
1. Jiaojian Wang; Yaqiong Xiao; Lihai Tan Invention Patent Application Filed CN 202110788813.1 An individualized structural brain network construction method, system, electronic device and storage medium 13-7-2021